Requested Assistance

The Committee “Netherlands Bazaar” performs a very worthwhile task in the Dutch-Canadian Community in Ontario. It consists of a group of dedicated, enthusiastic volunteers, who represent a cross-section of individuals and members of organizations within the Dutch-Canadian segment of the province of Ontario.

While they do the actual work, the Committee members rely greatly on the assistance of the community at large. 100% of the funds raised are used to provide assistance. The extent of the help provided to those who are in need is very much dictated by the way the community supports the work of the Committee. Up until September 2017, we held a very popular biennial Netherlands Bazaar event. However, due to many reasons beyond our control, we have had to discontinue this event. Nevertheless, the needs of the less fortunate in our Dutch-Canadian community in Ontario are ongoing, and we are counting on your continued support by way of financial donations, for which official Tax Receipts will be issued.